About Us

Welcome to Castle Office Solutions and the best place on this planet to buy a copier. With over 500 copiers to choose from, we are sure to have a copier to match your business requirements.

We get repossessed and slightly used copiers returned from national leasing companies on a daily basis. So take advantage of the fact that copiers lose 80% of their original value as soon as they leave the show room floor -and save your hard earned dollars. Purchasing a refurbished copier from us is a very good business decision! Our copiers are a high value proposition with no risk!

You will save between $5,000-$30,000 dollars on every copier you purchase from us. All copiers are sold at 70-90% off MSRP.

We provide a 90 day full parts warranty.
Your copier will be refurbished from one of our own technicians so we give you lifetime assistance over the phone or internet.

For consumers who wish to purchase high quality business class copiers for there office, we offer the largest selection of off-lease refurbished copiers in the United States. All copiers are offered to you at 70-90% off MSRP!! In today’s competitive business environment, why spend so much money on a brand new copier when you can buy a remanufactured copier for a fraction of the cost? Save up to 90% off the cost of a new copier by purchasing name brand, business class, completely refurbished copiers.